Our Mission

Meteor Labs was created with a singular goal: deliver high-quality results.

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Over a decade of experience

Since 2010 Meteor Labs has been designing and developing software for clients. Over the years we have built a diverse range of websites and mobile apps across almost every popular technology platform.

We believe “high-quality” means creating experiences that delight the end user. Customers should think “that was easy!” when they fill out a form or create an account. Every workflow within an app should be thoughtfully designed to guide users to complete their goals.

Our mission is to provide high-quality results to our customers every time. If you have a software idea or design problem we are here to help.

High-quality user experience represents:


Focus customer attention to drive key business results


Customers can easily interact with familiar patterns on any device


Quick loading times empower customers to accomplish their goals

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Small teams, big results

Over the years we have built software with teams of every size. Based on our experience, three people is the magic team size for a cycle. A small, cross functional team of designers and devs can create incredible results in a short amount of time by streamlining collaboration and communication.

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Always delivering value

We work in short cylces to ensure we are always delivering value. Every 2 weeks our Product Manager will meet with your team to establish outcomes for the cycle. Our team collaborates over two weeks to create incredible results that provide immediate business value.

Located in Boulder, CO, Meteor Labs provides high-quality UX design & software development for clients including start-ups and Fortune 100 companies.

Located in Boulder, CO, Meteor Labs provides high-quality UX design & software dev.